SEO Grimpond becomes My SEO Guy

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We are consolidating and moving our SEO arm  to it’s new home at  My SEO Guy. Come on over and check the new site and the SEO blog.  WE will be putting more and more search engine information on line and offering more SEO packages via this SEO company. So bookmark the new site, signup for the newsletter, and lets us know what you think..   Head over to   and dont forget to tell your friends.....

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Real SEO in Action – SEO Brisbane

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A few weeks ago we decided to re-target one of our prime key phrases  –  SEO Brisbane   So we set about getting our site ranking in Google up for that specific keyword/phrase.  We can’t tell you everything we did..  That would be giving away to much. :)  But we can tell you what basic steps we took in reestablishing this targeted key phrase.  What we did.. 1.  We looked at where we stood: A little over 8 weeks ago we were...

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Great first result SEO for Brisbane Pregnancy Massage service

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Working with a new Pregnancy Massage service in Brisbane has brought us a very nice initial result.  This brand new site is ranked on the second page(#13)  for one of the targeted prime keywords – “induction massage”. This is a brand new site and has no Google history, or incoming links and has been online for just a few weeks. The client is very pleased, traffic is starting to flow and more keywords success is likely. Massage...

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Another nice SEO result – ‘crm perth’

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We achieved another nice result in the last month for one of your clients – FWRD –  a customer relationship management business  based in Perth and Fremantle. They are currently sitting at # 3  for ‘crm perth’  – one of the prime keywords we targeted for them.     FWRD – Customer Relationship management – Perth and Fremantle     Dave SEO Services Brisbane...

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