SEO and Social Media Email Spam

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You may have read our “warnings” about SEO Marketing and BS in our earlier post. Well we have some more good info for you on SEO and Social Media Email Spam. You know the ones.. the email you receive that seem legit, come from your own site, and tell you how badly you are doing…   You can read more over at our Web Design Blog  –  SEO Email Spam and Legitimacy   Dave SEO Services Brisbane See...

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[Update] – Real SEO in Action

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So.. how are we doing…? Well it’s up and down…   and that is what we had expected.  I know it sounds like I am having a bet both ways..   but in the real world of Google things go up and down and you  can not control it all. Our ranking for the chosen keyphrase has been up and down over the last weeks,  as ‘low’  as 18 and as ‘high’ as 11. Right now we site at position #14 So.. What’s next.? More...

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The SEO power of the Blog

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More often than not now a new website for small business or medium business will have a blog as a primary part of the site. Yet it is often not understood, and often underutilised. Here is an example of the power of a simple blog. We have an SEO client in a hairdressing related field, and part of our SEO advice was to add a ‘blog’ to here existing website.  While she did not know about ‘blogging’ or what it entailed or...

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Great first result SEO for Brisbane Pregnancy Massage service

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Working with a new Pregnancy Massage service in Brisbane has brought us a very nice initial result.  This brand new site is ranked on the second page(#13)  for one of the targeted prime keywords – “induction massage”. This is a brand new site and has no Google history, or incoming links and has been online for just a few weeks. The client is very pleased, traffic is starting to flow and more keywords success is likely. Massage...

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Marketing and SEO BS!

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I am seeing more and more pages, emails and posts, that go on about “secrets to millions” , “the one thing that will get you to the top of Google” and the old classic “get 1000s of hits for free” when really they are just repackaged marketing hype and weasel words.. Here the latest one.. (again details and names have been removed to protect the “innocent”)   The holy grail for any business...

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