Success – SEO Brisbane Small Business

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A few weeks ago we posted about the SEO work we were doing for a new business in Brisbane. That business was a Pregnancy Massage Service – This was a start-up business, and with the clients input we constructed the site from scratch. This early input allowed us to ensure the sties structure and information architecture was ideal for the business and for Search Engine optimisation. We have outlined our early...

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[Update] – Real SEO in Action

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So.. how are we doing…? Well it’s up and down…   and that is what we had expected.  I know it sounds like I am having a bet both ways..   but in the real world of Google things go up and down and you  can not control it all. Our ranking for the chosen keyphrase has been up and down over the last weeks,  as ‘low’  as 18 and as ‘high’ as 11. Right now we site at position #14 So.. What’s next.? More...

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