The SEO power of the Blog

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More often than not now a new website for small business or medium business will have a blog as a primary part of the site. Yet it is often not understood, and often underutilised. Here is an example of the power of a simple blog. We have an SEO client in a hairdressing related field, and part of our SEO advice was to add a ‘blog’ to here existing website.  While she did not know about ‘blogging’ or what it entailed or...

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Real SEO in Action – SEO Brisbane

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A few weeks ago we decided to re-target one of our prime key phrases  –  SEO Brisbane   So we set about getting our site ranking in Google up for that specific keyword/phrase.  We can’t tell you everything we did..  That would be giving away to much. :)  But we can tell you what basic steps we took in reestablishing this targeted key phrase.  What we did.. 1.  We looked at where we stood: A little over 8 weeks ago we were...

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Great first result SEO for Brisbane Pregnancy Massage service

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Working with a new Pregnancy Massage service in Brisbane has brought us a very nice initial result.  This brand new site is ranked on the second page(#13)  for one of the targeted prime keywords – “induction massage”. This is a brand new site and has no Google history, or incoming links and has been online for just a few weeks. The client is very pleased, traffic is starting to flow and more keywords success is likely. Massage...

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