Marketing and SEO BS!

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I am seeing more and more pages, emails and posts, that go on about “secrets to millions” , “the one thing that will get you to the top of Google” and the old classic “get 1000s of hits for free” when really they are just repackaged marketing hype and weasel words.. Here the latest one.. (again details and names have been removed to protect the “innocent”)   The holy grail for any business...

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Another nice SEO result – ‘crm perth’

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We achieved another nice result in the last month for one of your clients – FWRD –  a customer relationship management business  based in Perth and Fremantle. They are currently sitting at # 3  for ‘crm perth’  – one of the prime keywords we targeted for them.     FWRD – Customer Relationship management – Perth and Fremantle     Dave SEO Services Brisbane...

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SEO for Pregnancy Yoga and Massage Service

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We have just undertaken  a new job for a Pregnancy Yoga and Massage Service based here in Brisbane. Their current ranking for key terms like “prenatal yoga” and “postnatal yoga” are fair, but the previous search engine work targeted the local area more that the greater Brisbane area. Out focus will be decreasing their local area focus and expanding the number of terms they are found for across Brisbane. Yoga For Two...

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