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Search Engine Optimisation is the term used to describe the analysis, preparation and a adjustment of your websites elements and structure to maximise it ‘success’ in the ranking of the major search engines.

What is SEO

What is SEO.?

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Grimpond’s Brisbane SEO can help your site be more visible in the Major Search engines, no matter what type or size of website you have.

Our SEO Services and Packages start from as low as $550.00

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We’ve moved our SEO information

..and you will find it all at our new site.

[Update] – Real SEO in Action #4

So things have changed… and consequently so have our rankings…

We were positioned nicely at Position #12-13 for our chosen search term SEO Brisbane but since we have made the changes across to My SEO Guy things have started to slip.

SEO Grimpond becomes My SEO Guy

We are consolidating and moving our SEO arm  to it’s...

[Update] – Real SEO in Action #3

How are we doing this month?

It’s been a good month and our position has ‘solidified’.

We are sitting regularly at Position # 14 for our chosen key term. SEO Brisbane

SEO and Social Media Email Spam

You may have read our “warnings” about SEO...

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